The QCE department provides one of the top MSc and PhD programs in Computer Engineering/ architectures and network architectures in Europe.  QCE teaches fundamental courses at BSc level and cutting edge technologies at the MSc level, by linking research and fundamentals to engineering and real applications (through (or β€˜via’) close collaboration with industry, society organisations, medical centres, etc.). QCE also offers courses taught by professional guest lecturers and part-time professors from the industry (examples are NXP, TNO, IMEC, IBM, Ericsson, KPN, etc.)

QCE courses cover both hardware and software with emphasis on hardware  components as well as the design, operation and management in communication networks (5G & Internet). They integrate not only the fundamentals, but also hand-on and engineering skills though lab experiments and prototyping.  QCE has excellent facilities and labs aiming at bringing the research to next level through real prototypes, demonstrators, characterisation and measurements.  Team and project driven education are integral part of the QCE education style to enable students to develop soft skills, personal leadership, social talents, and explore their motivation in profession and life.

QCE contributes to several MOOCs, especially in the field of quantum technologies and to the following bachelor and master programs:

BSc/MSc projects and internships

We have plenty of projects available for BSc and MSc students. For the projects offered by each of the sections, please check the links below:

For PhD applications, please contact the faculty members directly