Meet & Eat | Actively Engaging Students: Impact and opportunities of in-class debating | 18 April

18 April 2023 12:45 till 13:30 - Location: Teaching Lab - By: Teaching Academy | Add to my calendar

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Actively Engaging Students: 

Impact and opportunities of in-class debating 

In-class debates can be a valuable teaching method for lecturers to use in their courses. On the one hand, debating forces students to actively participate in classes: instead of passively listening to their professor explaining theory, students have to actively engage. On the other hand, debating makes students process the contents of the course more thoroughly: they have to make an in-depth analysis in order to successfully argue their case. Besides that, in-class debates help students to develop fundamental skills like critical thinking and argumentation.
Almost any topic can be used for a debate. You could, for instance, have a debate about designs and design choices, policy proposals, (conflicting) theories or ethical considerations. However, finding the right format and for your debate can be challenging.

In this Meet & Eat, Matthijs Looij - ITAV lecturer in Oral Presentation, Writing and Debating Skills - will discuss how in-class debates can be a valuable addition to your course. In doing so, Matthijs will talk about the impact and opportunities of debating in-class - and will share suggestions for implementing in-class debates in your course. Of course, there will also be room for questions. Click the button below to sign up. 

12:30-12:45     Walk in & lunch
12:45-13:30     Presentation and Q&A with Matthijs Looij
13:30-14:00     Optional: informal discussion

About the speaker

Matthijs Looij is a TU Delft lecturer at the Centre for Languages and Academic Skills (Instituut voor Talen en Academische Vaardigheden) and provides education in Communication Skills, including Oral Presentations, Technical Writing, Academic Writing and Debating

Matthijs holds a MA degree in Argumentation, Rhetoric and Communication and in Dutch Discourse Studies. Next (prior) to working at the TU Delft ITAV, Matthijs works as Lecturer in Communication Studies at University of Amsterdam and has worked as a Lecturer in Dutch Discourse Studies at Leiden University (2018-2020).