Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy is a network of lecturers and educational support staff of TU Delft with the mission to ‚Äúcollaboratively enhance engineering education‚ÄĚ across faculty boundaries.
The Teaching Academy, represented by Annoesjka Cabo as Academic Director, has 3 key elements:

  1. The Teaching Academy Community
  2. The Teaching Academy Home-> The Teaching Lab
  3. The Teaching Academy Programme (to facilitate the mission, the community and the Teaching Lab)

The Teaching Academy carries out its mission through:

  • Connecting (ideas and people)
  • Sharing (knowledge and experience)
  • Spotlighting (lecturers and educational initiatives, experiments and innovations)
  • Experimenting (in the Teaching Lab for example)

This translates to organising and supporting various knowledge-sharing activities, sessions, talks, teaching awards, educational projects, experiments and, last but not least, the TU Delft Education Fellows and the TU Delft Education Day. 
Within the Teaching Academy the focus is on showing how peers/lecturers do things to inspire and learn from each other.
In doing so, we also make the connection with the didactic/educational/support knowledge that is available at, among others, TLS, NMC, Library and the faculties and we provide a clear overview of the activities for lecturers via the Teaching Academy website.