Education Teams Event | 28 September

28 September 2023 09:30 till 13:30 - Location: Teaching Lab, Building 32A, Landbergstraat 19 - By: Teaching Academy | Add to my calendar

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Why this event?

We want to focus less on the "I" and more on the "we", as most achievements in academia and in education are not individual but team efforts. This event is organized to spotlight the education teams and their innovative projects. It aims to share experiences and the opportunity to network across faculties.

For whom?

This event is for this years nominees for the education team award and last years nominees as well as other involved and/or interested TU Delft academic, teaching and/or support staff.


What to expect?

  • Opening & Pep talk:

Rob Mudde will open the event and we will have an inspiring pep talk from last years TU Delft nominated team for the NRO Higher Education Award - Johanna Colgrove on behalf of her team.

  • Pitches: 

The nominees for the 2023 TU Delft Education Team Award will all get a chance to do a 2 minute pitch for their project and showcase their project, including how their combined expertise and efforts resulted in an education innovation.

  •  Round table discussions: 

The aim of this activity is to share insights & experiences about effective collaboration in educational teams and learn how to stimulate and enhance the teamwork in education at TU Delft. 

  • Coffee & Posters

Sharing insights of the initiative/project and team successes through posters prepared by the teams.

  • Award Ceremony of Education Team Award:

The Selection Committee will announce the winner of the TU Delft Education Team Award 2023. 

  • Masterclass Effective Teamwork & Creative Collaboration: 

Katrina Heijne, teacher and researcher specializing in Deliberate Creativity at IDE Faculty, will be delivering an interactive masterclass on effective and creative collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the mindset and principles crucial for effective teamwork in multi-disciplinary settings, while cultivating an environment conducive to creative problem-solving. Valuable practical tools will be provided to facilitate the co-creation of ideas and enhance the ability to evaluate and respond to input from team members. (Please note! This Masterclass is optional and places are limited.)

Programme overview

09:30 Opening by Rob Mudde & Pep talk by Johanna Colgrove 
09:50  2-minute pitches by each nominated team 
10:10 Round table discussions
11:30 Award Ceremony
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Masterclass on Effective Teamwork & creative collaboration*

 *(limited places available, register for each part of the programme seperately)