Guidelines for guest speakers

Colloquium Aim

The main aim of the II colloquium is to provide a forum where participants can broaden their horizon, where ideas can be discussed, and where cooperation and social integration between participants is stimulated.


The II group is quite diverse in terms of background of the people (e.g., HCI, agent reasoning and programming, formal methods, behaviour change and support systems, human-agent-robot collaboration, etc.). This means that a general introduction and explanation of the terminology/ideas for non-experts is very much appreciated.

Talk Length

The available time for the talk is 45 minutes including questions and discussion. In order to leave enough time for the latter, a talk of approximately 30 minutes would be ideal.


Please send title, abstract, and short bio to the organizer at least one week in advance. If you need any additional material such as laptop or speakers, please also let the organizer know well in advance.