Cristian Picioreanu Group


My research focuses on the numerical modelling of complex interactions between physical, chemical and biological processes starting from first principles and by applying engineering and computational methods. The main emphasis is in environmental and biotechnological applications, based on my chemical engineering background, continued with more than 20 years research in biotechnology. I am particularly fascinated by solving practical problems from life science, chemical and biochemical engineering by using multidisciplinary approaches that integrate: (bio‑, geo-, electro-)chemistry, microbiology, microbial ecology, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, fluid dynamics, computational physics, mechanics, applied mathematics and advanced computer programming.


I believe that combining research with teaching is crucial in the academic environment.  I have strong affinity with teaching disciplines that promote a rigorous, systematic and quantitative approach, rather than using empirical, descriptive or rule-of-thumb methodologies.  My main courses at TU Delft include Numerical Methods, Modelling and Simulation Techniques (for Life Science and Technology MSc, Biochemical Engineering specialization), Scale-up/Scale-down (for Chemical and Biochemical Engineering) and an Introduction to Programming (for Biochemical Engineering). In addition, I have regular contributions in Environmental Biotechnology, Microbial Community Engineering and in several international postgraduate courses in Delft and abroad (such as the Advanced Biofilm Course coordinated by four leading EU institutions). I also offer a few times per year short biofilm modelling courses, in different countries.

Dr Cristian Picioreanu

Full Professor