Walter van Gulik Group


Our research is focused on obtaining a quantitative understanding of the functioning of industrial microorganisms under the harsh dynamic conditions of the large scale industrial bioreactor. To achieve this we apply both computational and experimental tools.

My group has obtained an excellent reputation within the field of metabolic systems engineering in the international scientific community, combining both theory and experimentation. Especially with respect to quantitative metabolomics and the development of experimental and theoretical tools for the unravelling of in-vivo metabolic regulation of microbial cells. 

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My teaching is aimed at providing the students with a quantitative, model based approach of biotechnological processes, which is used for process design and redesign of the cell factory. During the courses and practicals they have to develop this engineering approach and have to learn how relevant properties of these processes can be calculated, how certain relevant parts can be modelled and how improvement of the processes can be achieved.
To make sure that the students sufficiently develop their insight and calculatory and modelling skills, exercises and assignments are an important ingredient of my courses.

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Dr Walter M. van Gulik

Assistant Professor