Catalysis Engineering

The Catalysis Engineering team focuses on the development & demonstration of new catalysis and reactor engineering concepts devoted to sustainable technologies with emphasis on process intensification, feedstock efficiency, and reduction of both energy usage as well as the influence of human and industrial activities on the environment. In the team advanced functional porous materials are developed. This contains structured catalysts (metal-organic frameworks, covalent-organic frameworks, and zeolites), as well as materials for separation, membranes, sensors and electronics. The team develops multi-phase reaction systems (gas-liquid-liquid-solid) and multi-functional systems (combinations of different reactions, separations, electro- and/or photocatalysis).


November 20, 10:00

Industrial Catalysis Lab opening symposium

November 20, 15:00

Inaugural speech Atsushi Urakawa

December 5, 12:30

Thesis defense Eduardo Andrés García

January 8, 10:00

Thesis defense Riming Wang

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November 2019: Thesis defense Emmanuel Skupien, "Nanostructured heterogeneous Catalysts: A route to higher control of active sites"

September 2019: Thesis defense Ágnes Szécsényi, "Catalytic methane conversions with single-site porous catalysts: a computational approach"

August 2019: JST - TU Delft Symposium was organised at ChemE 

April 2019: Atsushi Urakawa new professor Catalysis Engineering

March 2019: Thesis defense Ina Vollmer, "Towards activity descriptiors for the methane dehydroaromatization catalyst Mo/HZSM-5"

January 2019: Thesis defense Anahid Sabetghadam Esfahani, “CO2 Capture by Metal-Organic Framework based Mixed Matrix Membranes”

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