Courses that CE group members teach:

Structure/Property Relationships of Advanced Chemical Products - CH3173A MSc course in the Chemical Engineering program.

Heterogeneous Catalysis - CH3101 Elective MSc course in the Chemical Engineering program.

Separation Technology - 4052SCHTEY BSc course in the Moleculare Science and Technology program

Chemical Process Technology - CH3082 Elective MSc Chemical Engineering

Hydrocarbon Processing in the Oil Refinery - CH3681 Elective MSc Chemical Engineering

Leren Onderzoeken 1 (BSc, 4051LEON1Y)

Leren Onderzoeken 2  (BSc, 4052SLEONY)

Leren Onderzoeken 3 (BSc, 4052TLEO3Y)

Master and Bachelor Projects

Presentation on thesis research topics in the group


Metal-Organic Frameworks For Energy Harvesting 

Deactivation of dry reforming catalysts

The available topics are regularly changing due to the progress in research. Consult the research projects of the PhD students and post-docs for information on the topics.

Thesis reporting (BSC and MSc)

To aid in the reporting of Bachelor and Master research project two files are made available here.

  • File 1 gives guidelines on what is expected from a report in terms of lay-out, formatting, data presentation, references etc. Also the correct use of literature is indicated to avoid plagiarism.
  • File 2 is a template file for setting up your thesis in Word (taken from the TUD website).

We strongly advise to start setting up and writing (parts of) your report from the beginning of your project. Your thesis proposal is already a good start for an introduction. Further elements may be the description of equipment, materials used, prcedures followed, data processing etc.

This approach saves precious time by the end of the project when you really have to focus on the interpretation and dicsussion.

Thesis grading (BSC and MSc)

MEP Grading Scheme

BEP Grading Scheme