Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory for Advanced Imaging Research

For many years, the Faculty of Applied Sciences has had a strong program in the department of Imaging Physics in which new instrumentation and new methods are developed for microscopy and medical imaging. This has led to innovations in electron microscopy, lithography, light microscopy, ultrasound imaging, Terahertz imaging, focused ion beam milling, plus many quantitative image processing methods.

The Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory for Advanced Imaging Research (VLLAIR) is founded by Professor Pieter Kruit in 2017. It is an unique facility for collaboration between the Departments Imaging Physics, Quantum Nanoscience and industrial parties. The lab has a clean and stable lab-climate and is fully transparent to increase and stimulate cooperation between scientists and public-private parties. Most of the instruments in the lab (electron microscopes, super-resolution fluorescence microscopes, high resolution ultrasound imagers) are prototypes with unique functionalities.

These instruments will be further developed by researchers of our Departments.  During the development phase external scientists (like biologists, material scientists and medical doctors) and commercial partners will be invited for scientific research at these instruments and  evaluating the developments / improvements.