Frans Vos

Research Interest: Medical Image Analysis

Academic Background:
I obtained my MSc both in Computer Science and Medical Informatics from the University of Amsterdam in 1993. For that purpose I performed my graduation work at Yale University in the Biomedical Imaging Sciences Division supervised by Jim Duncan. In 1998 I got myPhD from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam; my PhD thesis was on a technique for measuring the shape of the cornea using pseudo random encoding. Currently, I am associate professor with both the Department of Imaging Physics at Delft University of Technology and the Department of Radiology at the ErasmusMC. I have a strong background in quantitative analysis of MR images and identification of imaging biomarkers.

I envision that  improvements in medical imaging are needed to enhance disease prevention, early diagnosis, and effectiveness of therapy. To that end I have invented new image-based measurement principles through a combination of imaging physics and knowledge of clinical applications. This was facilitated by the joint position that I had in leading clinical and physics departments in The Netherlands. My work resulted in new algorithms for medical image analysis and pattern recognition that are applied in clinical research and practice. All techniques developed under my supervision are characterized by clever modelling, incorporation of prior (clinical) knowledge and relying strongly on the physical principles of image formation.

I was coordinator of a large FP7 project (VIGOR++) on assessment of Crohn’s disease severity from abdominal MRI images (concluded in 2016). Over the years I supervised approximately 60 undergraduate students and 20 PhD students that all worked in the field of medical image processing.

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