We believe it is important to promote public awareness (and understanding) of science and make informal contributions to science education. Therefore we work on outreach at many levels, e.g. supporting high school teachers, organizing conferences, supporting the Science Museum of the university, providing Maker Labs with optical equipment, sustaining field labs and providing 3D printing support.


YouTube lectures


CARLA NL Edition

On the 31 May – 1 June, we have welcomed more than 100 participants (bachelor, master, phd postdocs) from all over the Netherlands for our first CARLA Camp. During two days, these young minds discovered the different career paths possible in photonics: the first day at TUDelft, they followed various presentations about career opportunities in academia with 16 young and senior researchers in various fields of photonics coming from different universities and institutes. The second day at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, we have invited 10 companies to deliver inspirational speeches about photonics in industry followed by a visit at ASML in Veldhoven.

Meet the Professor

Each year TU Delft professors are giving guest lectures to pupils from group 7 and 8 at various primary schools in Delft as part of Meet the Professor, an event organised by the WIJStad programme and the TU Delft 'Wetenschapsknooppunt'.