Courses and equipment reservations

The Kavli Nanolab TU Delft uses the NanoLabNL Information System (NIS) for cleanroom data management and equipment reservations.

NIS for new users

Via you can login using your TUD netID, register your profile and request to become a member of the Kavli Nanolab institute.  When your request has been processed you will receive an invitation for the next monthly general intake session, followed by a personal intake session to determine which specific courses you would require.

On the Kavli Nanolab website under New users you can find a step-by-step guide for NIS about the new user registration.

NIS for existing users

For registered users who would like to sign up for additional Equipment trainings, use the Equipment Planner to make reservations and renew Course validity by questionnaires some quick reference guides can be found in NIS under the menu option Institute – Documents.

More extensive help can be found on the NanoLabNL Documentation page.

By the way: not showing up after 5 minutes of the confirmed time means that the machine is free for others.