Master and Bachelor student projects

We regularly have Master and Bachelor thesis projects available on a variety of battery research projects, SEE research, where generally a background in chemistry and physics is recommended. Please send a mail with your interest for a thesis project, also indicating your Bachelor/Master program, to

Lectures for the Master of Sustainable Energy Technology

  • Storage of Electrochemical Energy CH3222SET, Sustainable Energy Technology Master

Lectures for Applied Physics

  • Lecture in Fysica van de duurzame energie, BSc Applied Physics

Lectures Chemical Engineering, SET, Materials Science

  • Functional Ceramics CH3531, Master course

Lectures Bachelor Molecular Science and Technology

  • Algemene en Anorganische Chemie (General and Inorganic Chemistry), 4051ALACHY, in combination with Leiden University


  • Technical battery track in the Electrical Cars MOOC
  • Functional Ceramics, Master and PhD course, University of Nairobi, Kenya (similar as CH3531)
  • Nanoparticle Technology, CH3562, 2 hours lecture on Nanoparticles/Nanoparticle Technology for Lithium ion Batteries