Side-by-side wheelchair

[A joint project with Rjindam, Erasmus MC, Stichting In Actie, and 1Voudig.]

Ziggy โ€“ the simple wheelchair accessory which allows for complex interactions

Conventionally, when pushing a wheelchair you stand directly behind the person in the chair. Not only does this make seeing and hearing each other difficult, it also feels unnatural โ€“ why canโ€™t you stroll side-by-side like you would two able-bodied people?

Steering in the Right Direction

Project Ziggy has found a way of making side-by-side strolling possible. Ziggy, a wheelchair accessory comprising of a simple pushing handle and a modified castor utilises cant angle to steer the wheelchair. With this technology, which is similar to leaning a bike over to make a turn, any wheelchair can be pushed from the side as simply and effectively as from behind.

Ipsen Revalidatie Jaarprijs 2021 Winner

Recognised by the jury as โ€˜leuk en innovatief; praktisch, simpel en makkelijk toepasbaar. [Fun and innovative; practical, simple and easy to apply.]โ€™, Ziggy was awarded the prestigious prize by the Nederlandse Vereniging van Revalidatieartsen (VRA), along with prize money of 20.000 euro. This money was used to build a fleet of Ziggys to travel the Netherlands, reaching users.


More information

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If you are interested in receiving updates on project Ziggy or in a demo, please visit the website of the start-up company ziggy-mobility.