Mechatronic System Design (MSD)

Mechatronic system design is a research field that is characterized by synergistic integration of mechanisms, sensors, actuators and control to perform complex tasks in a multiphysical environment. The fundamental technologies that we develop in this area are vital for high performance systems in future machines, robotics and automation settings. We are developing motion devices and stages with nano-positioning accuracy, requiring novel actuator concepts such as electromagnetic and pre-sliding actuators, contactless handling systems, while also metrology concepts require rethinking for application in affordable nano-accuracy manipulators. At the same time we envision small-scale machines for dedicated tasks in for instance inspection or manufacturing of devices with nano-scale features for micro robotics, along with medical applications such as targeted drug delivery. This trend towards miniaturization requires systems with distributed motion, as in compliant mechanisms, as well as distributed actuation and sensing, and understanding of multiphysical contact phenomena. This complicated interaction between device and environment also necessitates the development of new modeling and control techniques based on fractional order calculus, reset strategies, and robust control.