Data Literacy Project

What is The Data Literacy Project at TU Delft?

The Data Literacy Project was launched in March 2023 as an initiative of the TU Delft Library’s Open Science Programme. The project aims to partner with BSc and MSc programs on the TU Delft campus to support data literacy skill development for bachelor’s and master’s students. An early and important phase in the project is inventorying the needs and wishes of the faculties through one-on-one listening sessions with instructors and course coordinators, and through the distribution of a campus-wide survey (planned for October 2023). The Data Literacy Project's next step will then be to develop and pilot engaging learning materials to promote key data literacy skills across disciplines at TU Delft.

Why is data literacy important?

Data literacy skills are essential to participation in an Open Science Community. Data literate students are better equipped to manage their data, to think critically about research design, and to access the complex, technical, and domain-specific knowledge required for their coursework.  Beyond TU Delft, data literacy allows students to participate more fully in an increasingly data-driven society.  Every TU Delft graduate should have a solid basis in data literacy, which will be valuable not only when students pursue a career in academia or industry, but also in their everyday life as informed citizens.

What is the Project Timeline?

Why does this project seek to serve bachelor's and master's students?

The Data Literacy Project was launched to create a continuum of support for key data literacy skills across educational levels at TU Delft. Currently, doctoral candidates are offered supports like the Research Data Management 101 course and partnership with the TU Delft Data Stewards on data management plans. The Data Literacy Project seeks to equip BSc and MSc students with foundational skills in data literacy that align and sequence to the demands at the PhD level. 

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