Dr. L. (Liliana) Vargas Meleza

Dr. L. (Liliana) Vargas Meleza



Geophysics and structural geology
3D imaging and visualization Research data management Computational reproducibility Implementation of data management plans


I joined the department of Geoscience & Engineering (GSE) in 2022 as a data engineer to strengthen the research support team. This is a new role in the GSE department focused on streamlining research data integration and implementing data management strategies. I am enthusiastic to contribute toward the department strategic vision and goals on open and reproducible geoscience.

Please contact me if you have questions, ideas or a problem manipulating and managing research data. Check out my background on LinkedIn


I'm the data manager in the Geothermal Project Delft. I make sure research data are securely and consistently stored, documented, tracked, accessible, and shareable. This position is funded by the European Plate Observing System – Netherlands (EPOS-NL).

I am also a contributor the EXCITE network project, which focuses on defining standards for workflows, metadata, and sharing of X-ray imaging data used in applied Earth sciences. I manage and visualize 3D CT-scan data generated at the Laboratory of Geoscience and Engineering.

In addition, I organize and deliver training to PhD students on research data management, together the CEG data steward. My contribution is to bring practical examples of applied geoscience to incentivize the adoption of FAIR data and software principles. 

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