Dr. O. (Omar) Kammouh

Dr. O. (Omar) Kammouh


Infrastructure resilience & optimization | Complex systems modeling | Matlab/Python enthusiast

Research interests

Critical infrastructures are highly interconnected and their management can purposely contribute to the sustainable development and well-being of our communities. My research focuses on infrastructure resilience and optimization in a cross-sectoral and multi-actor setting. I especially enjoy modeling complex adaptive systems, like infrastructure. I also support the development of guidelines and solutions to apply responsive innovations.

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Academic background

I have received my B.Sc. (Honour, 2013) from Beirut Arab University and my M.Sc (Honors, 2015) from the University of Bologna in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I completed my Ph.D. in 2019 in the domain of community and infrastructure resilience at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy. Following my Ph.D., I was appointed as a research fellow at Delft University of Technology (2019-2021) and then at Eindhoven University of Technology (2021-2022) in the Netherlands. As of 2022, I have been appointed as an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology supporting both research and education.

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