Board of Examiners CEG (CE-AES-ENV-TIL-CME)

Dear Students,

The staff to the Board of Examiners CEG will be online available every Wednesday, 12.30-13.30 hrs, to answer short questions concerning the Board of Examiners.

Please note: closing of exam registration is 14 calendar days before the start of the exam.

The Board of Examiners assesses, in an objective and expert manner, whether a student will acquire the knowledge and skills required for the awarding of their degree. The Board of Examiners is therefore responsible for the quality assurance of all final exams, tests and examinations within the degree programmes.

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Individual requests

The Board of Examiners assesses requests and complaints of students concerning the teaching and examination rules and regulations. These rules and regulations can be found here.

Please take a look at the request page if you consider submitting a request to the Board of Examiners. You will find more information about the different requests, what the conditions and general procedures are and how to submit your request. 

We suggest you carefully read the TER with annex and the Rules and Guidelines Board of Examiners before you submit your request.

  1. The Teaching and Examination Regulations with their annexes (TER/OER): this comprises all the rules and regulations for your programme
  2. The Rules and Guidelines Board of Examiners: this comprises all the regulations of the Board of Examiners for your programme.