Students can use lockers within the 3mE faculty. The request is made via the 3mE Service Desk.

Request a locker

Do you want to use a locker? You can request a locker at the Service Desk. You will then receive a locker contract that you return - fully completed - to the Service Desk. Upon submission you will receive a copy of the contract with your locker number, and a locker card to control your locker.
Do not lose your locker card!

You sign up for your locker for one academic year. The contract states when you must return your locker card. Upon termination of the contract you return your locker card to the Service Desk. If you want to hand in your locker card earlier in the academic year, you can. When handing in, make sure that your locker is empty and clean, and that you have your locker contract with you.

More information at the Service Desk

If you experience problems with the use of your locker, your locker card or if you have questions about the contract, please contact the Service Desk.