Train the Trainer

As the TU Delft strives to 'educate the world', the TU Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship also offers training for trainers worldwide. The training's main objective is to contribute to entrepreneurial competencies among lecturers worldwide to train and assist their students in developing entrepreneurial knowledge, mindset, skills, and attitudes required to start up and accelerate sustainable business.

Recent Train the Trainer (TtT) projects from the DCE have included:

Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Horticulture in Ghana for a Brighter Future

A Ghanaian-Dutch cooperation to bring about growth in the Ghanaian horticulture sector: TU Delft, represented by the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Delft Global Initiative, are working with Kwadaso Agricultural College and Holland Greentech to deliver a 6-months vocational training program with a selection of lead farmers and agricultural companies in Kumasi, Ghana. During the training, participants will be taught essential skills needed to become successful in the horticultural sector as an entrepreneur (e.g. crop information, management skills, business development etc.) or become employed at an existing horticulture farm or company. Click here for more information about this Train the Trainer initiative.

Strengthening Problem-based Learning in South Asian Universities

The goal of PBL South Asia is to develop best practices in problem-based education. It is a joint initiative between ten universities located in Finland, India, Nepal, Bhutan, the Netherlands and Lithuania. It aims to strengthen the capacity of partner Higher Education Institutes to socially responsible local innovation ecosystems. The project's focus on sustainability challenges integrates themes of sustainable development, social responsibility and human rights. Specifically, the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship will develop a MOOC along with ten international partners. For more information, click here.

Strengthening Educational Institutes in Providing Capacity Building Services for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Rwanda

Training lecturers from various Rwanda knowledge institutes about entrepreneurship focusing on the 10 step Valorisation Canvas. The training was provided by Frederieke Muijs (Valorisation Centre) and Ellen van Andel (Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship). The overall learning goal was to strengthen capacity to achieve sustainable food security in Rwanda. The training lasted a week, with topics ranging from using tools such as the Business Model Canvas to guest lectures from entrepreneurs in Rwanda. The SEAD project requested the course, and Nuffic funded it. Click here for more information


Tailor-made Training on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Uganda

TU Delft and Makerere University joined forces to implement tailor-made training on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Aid Agricultural Value Chains". The course lasted two weeks. Participants and trainers from TU Delft Global Initiative and TU Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship identified the main challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurship along agricultural value chains. The course was funded by Nuffic. Click Here for more information.


Virtual training of trainers on incubation and entrepreneurship

From 19th-23rd April and 31st May-04th June 2021, SEAD/ SEADWest held a virtual training of trainers on incubation and entrepreneurship facilitated by Ellen van Andel and Maurits Ertsen from TU Delft. In Rwanda, entrepreneurship and incubation training have gained political momentum and are now regarded as part of the solution for a wide range of socio-economic issues, including unemployment and underemployment. To find out more about this train the trainer programme, here.