Upcoming Master Courses

In Quarter 4, we offer all Master's and PhD students, from any faculty, the following elective courses in entrepreneurship, enroll via Brightspace: 


Using existing business cases, in THINK classes you learn about conceptual models and methodologies essential to understanding the entrepreneurial and innovation processes.


In ACT classes, you become an entrepreneur. You start with a business idea, test its validity, and build a viable and defensible business model – a roadmap to a sustainable innovation-driven company.


If you already have made progress with your business model, START classes enable you to move it into the execution phase by focusing on the operational aspects of building a successful business.
UD1056 CERN HDP Honours Class 5EC Study guide


Technology for Global Challenges  Honours Class 5EC Study guide

To see which DCE master courses run in each quarter, check the Year Planner: