Ready to Startup - DCE Advanced course

What is it about?

Ready to start-up is a highly interactive course in which you will gain all knowledge and receive the tools needed to build your business successfully and – most importantly –apply the concepts to your own business.  Experienced professional business experts, entrepreneurs and coaches (from Roland Berger Consultants),  guide you through e.g. customer validation, marketing, finance and team composition.

To whom is it addressed?

Anyone who is passionate about starting your own business can follow this course. Admission to the course is based on an admission interview and you need to have an idea that is well developed to develop a business case for. 

How does it connect?

The course is a honours course to the EIT programs and the Annotation Entrepreneurship program.

What is the outcome?

At the end of the course business plans are presented at a seminar with a jury and money prices.

Course codes/ size
TPM420 / 6 ECTS

MSc Brian Joseph


MSc. Brian Joseph

Module Manager