Living Business Cases for Circular Entrepreneurship

The project aims to contribute to clear educational/training material to help organisations to implement circular business concepts within their business operations. It will help to achieve benefits in profitability and efficiency, while contributing to reduce their business climate impact.

With this aim, the “Living business cases for Circular Entrepreneurship” project is working in the creation of a series of six compelling videos displaying actual cases of the implementation of circular economy models into living business.

Using these real-life cases of entrepreneurs in video content and supported with lecture notes will allow students and entrepreneurs to better understand the transition to circularity and acquire a set of skills, knowledge and awareness that enable them to design, plan, set actions for circularity. We aim to disclose the black-box when transforming to circular business models.

The results of this project will be displayed at the Climate-KIC platform:

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“A Project funded under the Climate KIC” and supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union.