Improving Entrepreneurial Health Ecosystems

Since 2018, a growing number of upcoming regions of Eastern, Central and Southern Europe have worked on stimulating entrepreneurial talent and startup ideas within their regions. The ideas for startups typically originate on the intersection between universities and industry. The goal of this project is to identify actions within the region that are contribute to entrepreneurial activity by making use of interactions between university and industry.

In order to support the RIS Hubs, EIT Health Innostars and TU Delft propose a joint learning for 2020 that will facilitate the regions in insights and tools on how to execute their goals.

The program will:

  1. Deepen the knowledge and skills of innovation leaders from the RIS Hubs in a) understanding the elements of their own innovation ecosystem b) accomplishing effective change in the regional ecosystem with all relevant actors.
  2. Provide an online peer-to-peer comparison analysis of the regional elements, processes and outcomes.
  3. Offer regular peer-to-peer Zoom-Call exchanges of difficulties and found solutions for executing the shared focus areas.
  4. Secure the engagement of regional decision makers in the change process.
  5. Set valuable actions in motion in 2020 and deliver a strategic plan for 2021 and beyond.

The project includes the training of key players in 14 hubs:

Consorzio Acra


Dex Innovation Centre

Czech Republic

Hellas National Documentation Centre (EKT/NHRF)


Ljublana University Incubator

Slovania (Ljublana)

University of Porto

Portugal (Porto)

Tartu Biotechnology Park

Estonia (Tartu)


Slovakia (Kosice)

ITD, University of Pecs

Hungary (Pecs)

Riga Stradins University

Latvia (Riga)


Romania (Cluj-Napoca)

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Lithuania (Kaunas)

University of Evora

Portugal (Evora)

Medical University of Gdansk

Poland (Gdansk)

University of Zagreb

Croatia (Zagreb)


The project is supported by EIT Health