Technology Entrepreneurship and Internationalization


How to operate as an entrepreneur in an emerging economy, in developing countries? You may become one yourself or be involved in a business that operates on a larger scale in such a context. You have to deal with different cultural attitudes and a different institutional framework. These pose unexpected challenges. It is the aim of this course to prepare you for this type of activities. Since each society nowadays is becoming more multicultural and operating on a global scale, this course also is of benefit for those who intend to stay in their home country.

In order to be prepared for these challenges first you need to have some idea of the technologies that may be suitable. Some even need to be still developed. Secondly, if only for communication purposes you need to understand different perceptions of social reality and different cultural attitudes, such as dealing with time, hierarchy, status, etc. These attitudes do not only affect the quality of the communication, but also matter to the productivity of the enterprise. An emerging economy cannot be expected to always have the capacity to deal with complicated technologies already on board. On top of that the institutional framework may function differently, there may be institutional voids or vertical networks of friends and relations, that affect competition, imports, taxing and licensing.

Enterprises and also development projects have to navigate through this landscape. The course answers the question: how can such enterprises be profitable and at the same time contribute to the strengthening of institutions and to a vibrant civil society?

What to expect?

The first hour is a general introductory lecture. The second hour is spent on a case study. The case study will be discussed in small groups, followed by a plenary. Groups of three persons, by exception maximum four, will work on a particular essay theme. In the essays an existing project or enterprise/business plan is analyzed and suggestions for improvement are made.  Apart from the essay there is no exam. The literature and the general lectures provided in the course should be sufficiently reflected in the essays as tools for interpretation.

Enrollment Requirements

This is a free elective course open to all master students. Please enroll through Brightspace up until Aug 25th. E-mail the instructor if you have any further questions.  

Cours code/Size
TPM404 / 5 ECTS


Day (Class Hours) 

Fatima Delgado Medina