Digital Technology Entrepreneurship and Management


This course offers the fundaments of digital entrepreneurship and the management of emerging digital technologies. In this course, participants choose an upcoming digital technology of their interest and assess it with different methods from multiple angles to evaluate its ability to disrupt an industry or market. This course helps participants prepare for various career paths, from launching their own product/service as an entrepreneur to making informed technology adoption and rejection decisions as an intrapreneur.

Throughout the course, participants will learn to distinguish between emerging and disruptive technologies, learn about influential dynamics such as innovation diffusion, hypes and emotions, develop the methodical competencies to assess and evaluate an emerging technology in an environment of high information asymmetry and learn how to leverage the potential of digital innovations with an adapted digital business plan.


What to expect?

The education mehod consists of:

- Lectures, before which and after which students study material by themselves to get an understanding of the relevant material.
- Small assignments and hands-on exercises to apply the understanding of relevant material.
- One larger assignment to learn how to write an informed recommendation for action.

Enrolment / Application

This course is part of the MOT specialisation ICT Design and Management and is also open for students from across the various faculties of the Delft University of Technology. You can directly enroll into Brightspace. Brightspace enrollment will be activated by education support a couple of weeks before the course starts. No other means of registration, such as the app MyTuDelft, are needed.

Cours code/Size
TPM409/ 5 ECTS



Johannes Gartner