Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation


This course offers theoretical fundamentals of entrepreneurship and technology innovation. You create a case study of an existing start-up analysing its entrepreneurial journey and how it fits the broad technology development process and how it navigates the relevant entrepreneurial ecosystem. This course helps you prepare for a wide array of career paths, from starting or joining a technology start-up to academic research on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation.

What to expect?

In the class you will work in three learning blocks and you will work in a team to analyse the early growth of an existing startup. Each learning block has interactive class discussions about concepts and theories which you will apply to better understand the initial idea identification of a startup until it enters a market and the business model it has developed. Each learning block has an assignment and a peer review session and the course will conclude with a final presentation of your case analyses.

Enrollment Requirements

This is a free elective course open to all master students. Please enrol through Brightspace up to a week before the course starts. E-mail the instructor if you have any further questions.  

Cours code/Size
TPM401 / 5 ECTS

Quarters 1, 2 and 3

Day (Class Hours) 
Thu (1st & 2nd) 

Dr. Hanieh Khodaei/ Dr. Victor Scholten