Capturing behavior in the energy transition

Capturing behaviour in the energy transition is increasingly important as actors at all levels need to take action. Policies on energy behaviour could benefit strongly from behavioural insights. Unfortunately, research that could provide these insights is often discipline-specific and fragmented, making it hard to use. At TPM, we study different types of behaviour on multiple levels from a variety of scientific disciplines. For example, conscious, individual behaviour is often approached from an ethical perspective. Whereas collective, automatic behaviour is often approached from an (institutional) economy or social perspective.

In this research theme, we aim to integrate research perspectives, methods, tools, and analyses from different scientific disciplines to capture and explain a broad range of behaviour of multiple actors in the energy transition to increase the (short-term and long-term) effectiveness of energy-transition policies.

The themeleader for this theme is Katharina Biely. For more information or questions about this theme, please contact her.