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The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)

The faculty of Technology, Policy and Management studies urgent and societal issues related to technology. Think about subjects like energy transition and climate change, urbanisation, mobility, digitalisation and AI, health, safety and well-being. Themes that pose challenges to our society that are enormously complex and require an integrated approach. What makes our faculty unique is that we combine our knowledge of engineering, social sciences and humanities to create this integrated approach to socio-technical systems. This makes our excellent teaching and research not only attractive, but also highly relevant. 

TBM is design-oriented, internationally oriented and has an extensive network with knowledge institutions, companies, social organisations and governments. We teach our engineers to deal with current and future challenges and to build a resilient society. Our strength is to analyse and model the socio-technical systems in which these issues take place and to develop solutions to tackle major societal challenges.

TPM employs more than 280 (FTE) scientific staff members and about 200 PhD candidates. We educate more than 2000 bachelor- and master students. Do you want to contribute to research and education that concern our future? Or would you like to join our support staff, and ensure that we can realise our ambitions? Do you want to work in a challenging and vibrant work environment where we work together and care for each other? Please apply to one of our vacancies below. 

Knowing that I had a rather unconventional background of moving between sectors (academia, private, public) and crossing disciplines (engineering design, policy analysis and health services research), I was previously unsure about choosing an academic career. I knew I found my professional home here at TPM when my combination of experiences and skills was not only accepted but, in fact, celebrated. Now I have the pleasure of working alongside simulation modellers, data scientists, ethnographers, ethicists, decision theorists – all along the same corridor. And because of the proximity of the research projects to real societal challenges, I have often felt closer to having societal impact than I previously had outside of academia.

Saba Hinrichs-Krapels, Associate Professor

The transition from being a lecturer at TU Delft to the education focused Tenure Track position has enabled me to improve my own teaching, but more importantly has meant taking on roles where I can directly help expand and continue to develop the wide range of teaching my section—Ethics & Philosophy of Technology—offers to students throughout the entire university. In my research and in my teaching I think about how to engage engineering and other technical students with the ethical, social, and environmental issues they’ll encounter, and I’m starting to study the impacts of ethics and philosophy teaching on engineering students. I’m very happy for the opportunity this position affords me to join the many faculty and staff members already dedicated to education at TU Delft.

Andrea Gammon, Assistant Professor

For motivated scholars with ambitions, TU Delft offers an international and inspiring environment for research and education on a beautiful, well-organized campus. At TPM, I appreciate the collaborative culture and excellent research supports. The comprehensive supports facilitated me to win essential EU grants (€5M+) for driving my long-term research vision on trustworthy and sustainable Edge AI. TPM pays attention, respects and trusts employees. In my case, TPM wants me to keep my technical profile since our students also need a solid engineering education. As an employee and international scholar, TPM is a wonderful place to unite engineering, socio-technical and economical disciplines for tackling exciting scientific and societal challenges.

Aaron Ding, Associate Professor

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