A. (Anita) Trisiah


Anita Trisiah is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. dr. J.A. (Hans) de Bruijn) and Dr. G. (Gerdien) de Vries effective November 2018. She holds a master degree on Managerial Communication from University Utara Malaysia and bachelor degree from Sriwijaya University. She has various experiences in teaching and as academic staff. From 2011, she has been a permanent lecturer at UIN Raden Fatah Palembang for communication and other related subjects and was appointed as Head of Study Program in 2016.


Funded by scholarship from Indonesian government (MORA), Anita focuses her research on the framing effects on local acceptance of geothermal energy in Indonesia. It is due to the fact that Indonesia holds 40% of total geothermal world supply but only 4.2% has been explored. She investigates how each stakeholders frame geothermal energy, how it affects the perception and local acceptance, and how the process of framing and reframing develop.

Anita Trisiah

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance