Building Resilient Strategies with Citizens


PAVERS is a participatory planning approach for visioning and evaluating resilience strategies. It invites communities to co-create understandings of how citizens perceive and adapt to policies and mitigation measures. Understanding these drivers of social and economic resilience, particularly for vulnerable communities, in combination with scientific advice is considered desirable for informed policy making, particularly in the COVID-19 era. PAVERS is currently being piloted in The Hague where local behaviour mapping techniques under COVID-19 restrictions is being trialed. Together with Resilient The Hague, the project is organizing resilience strategy making sessions to test various facilitation techniques in (online) group sessions with practitioners. The project also employs game co-design as a method for eliciting (local) knowledge and preferences, and repeated gameplay for revealing risk attitudes and adaptive behaviour for decision making. Policy makers can evaluate the consequences of mitigation measures in a safe and experimental game environment. 

Key contactperson

Carissa Champlin

Project memebers include Tina Comes and Mikhail Sirenko

"Wandelen Door Den Haag" by Roel Wijnants is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0