Research themes TU Delft Safety & Security Institute

We identified several overarching Safety & Security themes at TU Delft which we explore and develop with TU Delft researchers and other stakeholders. Our themes cover different phases (before, during and after event) of Safety and Security in research, engineering and design, integrating different disciplines.

Delft Safety & Security Institute has four main focusses

Safe & Secure By Design

Safe by Design (SbD) is an approach that frontloads safety as a core value in any innovation or design process. SbD aims to mitigate risks as much as possible during the design process rather than during manufacturing or customer use. SbD also entails considering societal acceptance and ethical acceptability from the very start.

In so doing, it covers not only technological aspects but also policy and institutional impacts. What SbD precisely entails in terms of risk assessment, risk management, chain coordination and so on, will vary from one field to the other. While the literature specifically discusses Safe by Design (SbD), we aim to broaden the notion to Safe and Secure by Design.

Uncertainty Quantification and Vulnerability Assessment

New insights will emerge through connecting, harmonizing or aligning novel methodology.

By finding common grounds between methodology in different domains we work towards approaches in the quantification of safety & security risks and uncertainty beyond domains.


Forensics and failure analysis

Studying as well as evaluating safety & security interactions, failures, almost failures and human factor in existing and new operational systems and technology.


Mitigation of impact

We aim to understand the impacts of safety and security risks in their societal context. Modern-day safety & security challenges in our increasingly complex world are characterized by emergence of unexpected and unknown cascade effects.

Solutions can only be found by collaborating on multiple levels and in transdisciplinary approaches. In order to deal with these effects, we need to also involve a wide array of actors and stakeholders.

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