Education Team Award

The Education Team Award was created to reward and enhance cooperation in teams for the benefit of education (innovation).

The Director of Education of each faculty will nominate one team for the award. Each year TU Delft appoints one winner of the Education Team Award. This awarded team will receive a grant of 10,000 euro to spend on (the cooperation in) education innovation(s).


Annoesjka Cabo | Academic Director Teaching Academy

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Our team was formed bottom-up. The nice thing about this is that in this way you only have people in your team who are intrinsically motivated to work on the project. Rather than when people are assigned to be part of a team. It was basically everybody’s own choice whether or not to join.

― Robin de Kruijff, Assistant Professor and team member


Our goal is to improve mathematics education across faculties. One of the nicest things about PRIME is that everything we make and do is a result of a collaboration between lecturers, researchers and students.  PRIME develops lecture materials that teachers can use in the class. And we also make tools for students to help them better understand the link between maths and engineering.

― Tom Vroegrijk, Team Captain

The Corona research super project has developed an interdisciplinary project where students with different backgrounds could do research about the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s success led to creating a new nanobiology transdisciplinary minor. Our team consists of teachers, students and educational specialists from the TU Delft and Erasmus who worked on conjoint projects. One thing that stands out is everyone really listens to each other and builds on each other’s ideas; it’s truly collaborative and transdisciplinary in how we are building the minor. It is a great example of education convergence between TU Delft, Erasmus University and Medical Center.

― Johanna Colgrove, Team Captain

We were founded in 2017 to survive the tsunami year of 863 first year computer science students.  What is special about our team is that after surviving our tsunami year, we were able to bring a lot more quality to our courses and teaching in general. We are really proud that we cannot only work within the team but we can also work with all the teachers within the department. 

― Andy Zaidman, Team Captain