Educator of the Year Award

Every year, the study associations together with the Director of Education of each faculty nominate a lecturer/teacher/professor for the title "TU Delft Educator of the Year" (formerly "TU Delft Lecturer of the Year"). 

In addition to the title, the winner will receive a check for EUR 6,000 on behalf of TU Delft, of which EUR 5,000 is intended to support the development of their own education and EUR 1,000 for private use. The 'TU Delft Educator of the Year' will become automatically the nominee of TU Delft for the national Teacher of the Year Award (ISO Docent van het Jaar verkiezing). This offers the winner the chance to win exclusive participation in the national Comenius network and a cash prize of 25,000 euros for educational innovation.

In 2019, Calvin Rans, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Aerospace Technology (AE) won the TU Delft election in 2018, and was elected as ISO Teacher of the Year in the Netherlands. Given the large number of committed and inspiring lecturers within our university there is a good chance that we will be able to provide a successor in future national elections.


Annoesjka Cabo | Academic Director Teaching Academy

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