100 DAYS OF... Data for Learning | CEL Science Speaker Kazem Banihashem | 21 December

21 december 2022 14:00 t/m 15:00 - Door: LDE-CEL | Zet in mijn agenda

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CEL Science Speaker - Kazem Banihashem

Theory, pedagogy, and Learning Analytics
Abstract. In this presentation, I will talk about the role of theory and pedagogy in the application of LA. I will explain how theory guides the use of LA and why we need to take different LA approaches with respect to our assumptions of theory and pedagogy.


Start date Wednesday 21 December 2022 - 14:00
End date Wednesday 21 December 2022 - 15:00

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About the '100 DAYS OF...'  

The '100 DAYS OF' is an initiative organised by 4TU.CEE, LDE-CEL, TU Delft Teaching and Learning Services, TU Delft Extension School, and  TU Delft Teaching Academy to collaboratively  explore Data for Learning in engineering education.
After '100 DAYS' an artefact, product or activity - co-created with contributors and attendees of the 100 DAYS - will be shared to showcase our lessons learned, considerations, and ways to go forward for lecturers, coordinators, and education management.

In this edition of the “100 DAYS OF... ” we collaboratively explore Data for Learning in the context of (engineering) education.
Interested in this topic? Or want to get involved in this exploration. Make sure to sign up for this kick off and keep a close eye on the webpage dedicated to this initiative for an overview of our exploration and upcoming activities.