Workshop | Campfire Talk - Unsupervised Intervision Game | 9 February

09 februari 2023 12:30 t/m 14:30 - Locatie: Teaching Lab - Door: Teaching Academy | Zet in mijn agenda

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When. Thursday 9 February
Where. Teaching Lab, Arena 
What. Lunch 12.30-13.00 | Workshop 13.00-14.30

Set up a campfire

Do you see students or PhDs struggling during their learning? Or do you feel that they could learn more (from each other)?
Set up a Campfire with your students!

About the Workshop

In this workshop Pleun Hermsen will introduce you to Campfire Talk: An unsupervised intervision game created as part of a Comenius Teaching Fellow grant. This intervision game empowers students to learn from each other. 

After presenting the game (why and how it was created), you will be invited to experience the game yourself. After which a discussion on it's applications and embedding will follow. 

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About Campfire Talk

Campfire Talk is a peer to peer intervision without the need for a moderator. Developed using serious gaming methods and ludodidactics, this Campfire Talk creates an inviting and safe atmosphere in which students share difficult issues they experience during their graduation and the emotions experienced herein. Together they explore the issue, look at it from multiple perspectives, search for underlying patterns or associated matters.

At the end of the game first steps are formulated to navigate this issue. Students experience a sense of relief that they are not the only one struggling, feel empowered to take ownership and learn from experiences of others. Next to that, they practise conversation skills and empathy.

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