Research Statement

Computer Graphics and Visualization are fast growing fields that are of vital importance to the advances in many domains and that come with their own challenges as well. There is a strong impact on areas such as the medical field, architecture, industrial design, entertainment (movies and games), scientific simulations, and virtual training. We investigate image-generation and visualization solutions, as well as the interaction and modelling of 3D content. Specifically, we develop computational methods and theory to efficiently and effectively generate visual data.

We cover a large variety of topics, such as the generation of virtual worlds, the efficient display of virtual content, and the visual analysis of data. These topics overlap with many current and trending fields like Data Science, Artificial IntelligenceI, AR/VR, 3D computer vision, computational photography, high-performance and GPU programming. In our group, we often work on multi-disciplinary approaches, which combine aspects of various fields, such as physics, algorithmics, mathematics, psychology and numerical optimization.