Case 14: Author landscape

This author landscape is generated by considering the co-citation of different papers published on the field of Microbiology. In this map, the authors who are mentioned in the bibliographies (list of references) of the papers are shown in the map and every pair of authors who frequently co-occur in the bibliographies of the same papers are connected to each other. The authors connected to each other or positioned in close vicinity of each other do not necessarily work together but are active on the same type of research.


shows how frequently the articles of different researchers are cited together by the same articles


for better understanding of the author landscape in a field from an intellectual point of view


PhD candidates, researchers and group leaders, policy makers


1. collect your data from an appropriate data source
2. import the data into VOSviewer
3. generate the co-citation map in author level based on bibliographic data
4. use the VOSviewer screenshot to export your map