October 29th

Day 1Senaatszaal
09:00-09:30Registration on ground floor,
Coffee and tea
09:30-09:50Welcome - Presentation - Slides
By the Chair and Co-chairs
09:50-10:40Keynote 1: Turbulence in flows characterized by strong thermo-physical property gradients - Presentation - Slides
Dr. Rene Pecnik
TU Delft, The Netherlands
10:40-12:30Session 1 - Fundamentals
Chair: Dr. Bertrand Mercier, TU Delft

Investigating the validity of the fundamental derivative in the equilibrium and non-equilibrium two phase-expansion of MM - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Martin T. White

Non-ideal gas effects on supersonic-nozzle transfer functions - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Stephen Winn and Emile Touber

Formation of rarefaction shockwaves in non-ideal gases with temperature gradients - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Nitish Barathwaj Chandrasekaran, Betrand Mercier and Piero Colonna

Similarity parameters for non-ideal one-dimensional isentropic expansions - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Camilla Conti, Andrea Spinelli and Alberto Guardone

Non-ideal effects in compressible swirling flows - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Francesco Tosto, Andrea Giuffre, Piero Colonna and Matteo Pini
13:30-14:20Keynote 2 - Improving Gas Turbine Technology with Improved Design Tools: Virtual Testing
Dr. Vittorio Michelassi
Baker Hughes General Electric, Italy
14:20-16:10Session 2 - Applications: rigs and components
Chair: Dr. Carlo De Servi, TU Delft

Design of a closed-loop supercritical carbon dioxide wind tunnel: numerical modelling of non-equilibrium condensation in a converging-diverging nozzle - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Guiseppe Petruccelli, Antti Uusitalo, Aki Grönman, Teemu Turunen-Saaresti and Marta Zocca

Numerical investigation of loss mechanisms in a partially loaded supersonic orc turbine stage - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Karl Ziaja, Pascal Post, Marwick Sembritzky, Andreas Schramm, Ole Willers, Harald Kunte, Jörg Seume and Francesca di Mare

Measurement system of small-scale high expansion ratio ORC turbine - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Antti Uusitalo, Marta Zocca and Teemu Turunen-Saaresti

The development of a generic working fluid approach for the determination of transonic turbine loss - Abstract -Presentation Part 1 - Presentation Part 2 - Slides
John Otter, David Baumgartner and Andrew Wheeler
16:30-17:30Session 3 - Numerical methods I
Chair Prof. Francesca di Mare,  Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Generic numerical test case to understand cryogenic methane combustion dynamics - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Stefan Fechter, Tim Horchler, Sebastian Karl and Klaus Hannemann

Numerical characterization of premixed methane flames in vitiated atmosphere at supercritical conditions - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Federico Lo Presti, Pascal Post, Francesca di Mare and Jeroen van Oijen

Supersonic-mode transition in a dense-gas boundary layer at Mach 6 - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Xavier Gloerfelt, Luca Sciacovelli, Paola Cinnella and Francesco Grasso
17:30-19:00Drinks at Aula Conference Centre, Frans van Hasseltzaal


October 30th 

Day 2Senaatszaal
09:00-09:30Registration on ground floor,
Coffee and tea
09:30-10:20Keynote 3 - Equations of State for CO2 and CO2-rich Mixtures – What is Relevant for Non-Ideal Compressible-Fluid Dynamics? - Presentation - Slides
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Span
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
10:20-12:00Session 4 - Experiments & measurement techniques
Chair Dr. Andrea Spinelli, Politecnico di Milano

The effect of isentropic exponent on supersonic turbine wakes - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
David Baumgartner, John Otter and Andrew Wheeler

Performance of a rotatable cylinder pitot probe in high subsonic non-ideal gas flows - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Felix Reinker, Robert Wagner, Max Passmann, Leander Hake and Stefan Aus der Wiesche

A novel acoustic resonator for speed of sound measurement in dense organic vapours - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Bertrand Mercier, Nitish Barathwaj Chandrasekaran and Piero Colonna

First experiments and commissioning of the ORCHID nozzle test section - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Fabio Beltrame, Adam Head, Carlo De Servi, Matteo Pini, Ferdinand Schrijer and Piero Colonna

Application of hot-wire anemometry in the high subsonic organic vapor flow regime - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Felix Reinker and Stefan Aus der Wiesche
13:00-14:30Session 5 - Numerical methods II
Chair: Dr. Andrew Wheeler, Cambridge University

Towards subgrid-scale turbulence modeling in dense gas flows - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Alexis Giauque, Aurélien Vadrot, Paolo Errante and Christophe Corre

Large eddy simulations of a turbine cascade with strong non-ideal gas effects - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Jean-Christophe Hoarau, Paola Cinnella and Xavier Gloerfelt

Numerical investigation of a supercritical CO2 centrifugal compressor with an in-house density based compressible CFD solver - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Renan Emre Karaefe, Pascal Post, Marwick Sembritzky, Andreas Schramm, Francesca di Mare, Matthias Kunick and Uwe Gampe

Tolerance optimization of supersonic ORC turbine stator - Abstract - Presentation - Slides
Nassim Razaaly, Giacomo Persico and Pietro Marco Congedo
15:00-16:00Thematic workshop on thermodynamic modelling - Presentation - Slides
Ian Bell
National Institute of Standard Technology (NIST), USA
16:00-16:30Closing session and way forward - Presentation - Slides
By Prof. Piero Colonna, TU Delft
16:30-18:00Guided tour



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