Authors Centre

The authors centre provides the necessary information about the submission process. Check Important Dates for the submission deadlines. The Scientific Committee will review all abstracts and notify the authors about acceptance/rejection.

Extended Abstract submission

Extended abstracts should outline the scope of research, the main research issues, the method of investigation, results and conclusions as well as their general significance. References must be added.

To submit extended abstract, please register and log in. On your account page, you will find a link for abstract submissions in pdf-format. The extended abstract is limited to four pages in length including pictures and bibliographical references.

The Word and LaTeX templates for the abstract can be downloaded here.

Presentation guidelines

The time slot allocated for each presentation is 20 minutes, including a few minutes for Q&A. 

Bear in mind

The presentation is the moment where you show off your work in front of an audience composed by people having different backgrounds. An excellent and informative presentation upholds the quality standards of your work and sets the basis for a fruitful scientific exchange.

Here is a list of tips to help you prepare a concise and attracting talk.

  • Keep track of time and do not rush, rehearse it to make sure. 
  • Engage your audience by starting with the motivation and final objectives of your work.
  • Avoid long sentences on the slides and make use of abbreviations.
  • Do not cram too much information on one slide. Prefer the use of neat pictures and charts to convey your message.
  • Be sure that all the fonts, including chart labels, are readable from a distance. If needed, redo the charts appearing on your paper.
  • Conclude by summarizing the key take-home messages.
  • Try not to sound monotone, in case use rhetorical questions.