On February 15, the Study Climate Tribe Session under the theme of 'Connecting Communities' took place at Robohouse. Employees and students could participate in various workshops facilitated by professionals from within the TUD. The afternoon was kicked off with a panel discussion about unexpected interactions with an educator, student, support staff member, and PhD candidate as panelists. Afterwards, the attendees were able to follow a workshop concerning topic such as emotional intelligence, conversations, and collaboration. Finally, the afternoon ended with drinks.

The workshops

A lot of our daily conversations can feel like they are a bit trivial, but when we dare to dive a bit deeper, good conversations can help us form meaningful connections and relations with others.

Hii is a community of students who organize low-threshold workshops and events to open conversations about mental wellbeing and building resilience. The workshops are available for all students and are developed in collaboration with TU Delft psychologists. In this workshop, good conversations, we explore how we can develop deeper connections with our peers through good conversations with some simple tips and tricks. 

At TU Delft we are one like-minded community and that is why we take care of TU Delft together. Or are we? What makes a community a community? Do we find a sense of community in the people that we work with, similar to how we experience a sense of community with the people we share hobbies with? 

In this workshop, the Reflective Engineer team is eager to help you map out the communities you feel you belong to and analyze what elements you value in them. Afterwards, we will help you explore how you can transfer those values and get a sense of how to move your TU Delft community(ies) forward. 

Come explore what we need in collaboration environments to be successful and what skills we can develop to bring to collaborations. We often focus on the logistical sides of collaboration while neglecting the emotional aspects. In this workshop we’ll change that, taking the time to be a little reflective, a little introspective while also being pragmatic about what’s desirable for any collaboration.

Led by Johanna Colgrove, co-creator of the Minor Collaborative Science for Biomedical Breakthroughs. She has a passion and expertise in skills development in conflict transformation, inclusion and collaboration.