Welcome to TPM Graduate School!

The TPM Graduate School, as part of TU Delft Graduate School, offers you a stimulating environment for obtaining a doctoral degree with the highest possible value for your career. You will have the opportunity to immerse in high-impact research projects across a variety of disciplines and to benefit from close interactions with world-class researchers and lecturers. 

In addition, TPM-Graduate School and TU Delft Graduate School together offer you support in administrative matters, career counseling, and other issues that may arise during the PhD process.

Finding a position

Doing a PhD at TPM is different from doing a BSc or MSc, where you apply for the programme and show up for courses at the start of the semester. In the PhD programme you either apply to an existing funded vacancy in the research programmes, or apply with external funding that you have obtained yourself. 

Within our departments projects are funded which can offer paid PhD positions. Or you can contact one of our professors whose work you find interesting, to see if they think you would fit upcoming opportunities. 


The admission requirements for doctoral candidates are recorded in Article 2 of theTU Delft Doctoral Regulations. More detailed information can be found in the back of the Regulations, in section A of the Implementation Decree.

Fees & Funding

TU Delft considers the supervision of doctoral candidates to be of paramount importance. With the founding of the Graduate School, the TU Delft offers doctoral candidates an excellent learning environment, inspiring supervision, and a highly valued Doctoral Education programme. TU Delft attaches great value to the high-quality supervision of its doctoral programmes, both in terms of content and the services provided. As of 1 January 2016 TU Delft requires a contribution to cover the costs for the support of the doctoral programmes. These costs are split in a tuition fee and a bench fee.

PhD programme

We know you have a passion for research and science (that’s why you are reading this page). Joining a PhD programme at TU Delft might be the right choice for you. As a PhD candidate, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of research areas, spread across eight faculties. During the four years of the PhD programme you will be conducting research, developing new knowledge and writing your dissertation. An inspiring environment and challenging programme that will help you become an independent researcher and a skilled professional. Academic excellence starts in Delft.

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