Remote assessment

The guiding principle for developing quality remote assessment is that during assessments, we should enable our students to demonstrate how well they master the learning objectives. This requires constructive alignment and fairness. The eight guidelines described below ensure that.  

The guidelines are relevant for individual remote assessments and for group-based remote assessments (for all or large groups of students).  

  • Individual: if some of your students are allowed by their Board of Examiners (BoEx) to take the same exam remotely. A BoEx can give individual students permission for remote exams based on e.g. chronic illness, handicap, obligations related to elite athlete status (topsportstatus), or other special circumstances. In that case, you will probably administer your exam in a hybrid way (on-campus and remote at the same time). 
  • Group: in times of (partial) lockdown / quarantine obligations for large portions of students 

In the text of the guidelines below, we have indicated if something is only relevant for individual- or group-based remote assessments.