Group tool: Self Enrolment

The Group Self Enrolment Tool was built by the TU Delft to facilitate the self-enrolment process. By using this tool, Instructors and Course Managers are able to set up a self-enrolment process for students, monitor the entire self-enrolment process and push the student self enrolments to Brightspace to form permanent groups.

You can now also make self-enrolment groups with the Brightspace group tool. Our advice is to only use the Group Self-Enrolment Tool when you want to have self-enrolment groups of various sizes or when you want to have a waiting list.

Each group in Brightspace has a maximum capacity of 200 participants and is restricted to 200 groups per category.

If you are satisfied with the group setup, you can click on Activate self-enrolment to activate the group function. In case you have set up a self-enrolment date, you then have the possibility to make any changes to the group until this set date. Click on Setup again in case you wish to do so. In case you’d like to make your groups available for self-enrolment immediately and overwrite the starting date, do this by simply clicking on Activate now.

Once a self-enrolment has been opened, the groups can no longer be adjusted. You must first push the groups to Brightspace and adjust groups using the Brightspace Group Tool (Course menu > Collaboration > Groups). Note that not all the regular Brightspace Group settings are available.
The pushed groups automatically get the type of  “# of groups, no Auto Enrolment”. This means that any adjustment of group size/number will have to be done manually for each student that needs to be added/changed and each group that needs to be adjusted. The capacity settings from the Group Self Enrolment tool are not visible once the groups are pushed to Brightspace so take note of them beforehand or use the logs.


How to use this to improve your course

  • Do not “Publish this Enrolment in Brightspace” without having any students.
  • Currently in The TU Delft Group Tool – Group Self Enrolment if you click “Publish this Enrolment in Brightspace” before all students are enroled, the group gets automatically published under “Collaboration” > “Groups” and the category type reverts from “Self-Enrolment” to “# of Groups – No Auto Enrolments”.