TU Delft Education Day 2022 | 10 November

'The Connection'

The TU Delft Education Day is the event of the year to get inspired by fellow lecturers from all faculties and to share experiences in education. A day where …It’s all about Education! This year’s theme of the TU Delft Education Day is ‘The Connection’. When you think about it, connections are inherent to teaching and learning. At TU Delft, we connect in many ways to build and strengthen (inter)relations in education. Relating to yourself, to your students, to fellow lecturers, and to various communities; Linking theory to practice, courses to programmes, education to research, and the university to society; Connecting to learn, to grasp the complexity of things, and to envision our engineering disciplines of the future. Let’s explore these connections at the TU Delft Education Day and collaboratively enhance our Engineering Education! 

Three Focus Areas

This year’s theme 'The Connection' is divided into three focus areas: People, Education & Research, and Future & Society.

1. People

Personal connections are at the basis in education and learning. Within your education, connecting to students and empowering them to learn is very important. But there is more. What about connecting students to each other, connecting yourself to your drives and identity, connecting to fellow lecturers and connecting to the education community?What can be done to facilitate or strengthen these connections? What can it bring us? And what are the roles of the university, the campus, the student and the lecturer in this? 

2. Education & Research

Education and Research are intertwined in our university setting. Whether this be in the university career paths, in enlightening our students with the research we do, in integrating our education in our research, or in innovating our engineering education with the insights gained from researching it. How do you connect Education and Research? How do you balance your Education and Research? How can we use data to enhance our education? How can we increase our collective knowledge on engineering education through research?

3. Future & Society

At the TU Delft we educate students to become socially responsible engineers. Educating these students cannot be done in isolation. Connecting to the Future ‘Imagine the future and act in the now’ and to Society ‘Bring the outside in & the inside out’ is important in this matter. This means integrating theory and practice, interconnecting with society, exchanging valuable perspectives and envisioning the future. How can challenge based education contribute to this? What type of engineers match the possible future? What is already happening at TU Delft? 

Call for proposals

Would you like to contribute? Let us know via teachingacademy@tudelft.nl

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