ChatGPT at TU Delft?

Most probably you have heard of the recent developments with ChatGPT, or may have tried it yourself. The ChatGTP Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool has taken off enormously and cannot be ignored in education. Due to its impact, discussions on faculty and university level on how to deal with it in teaching in general and more specifically in assessments are ongoing. The general stance is that the tool should be seen as a potential learning tool. However, it does have implications for assessments. TU Delft must be able to properly assess whether students themselves have acquired knowledge, insight and skills within a course or programme.

Expertise and Guidelines

Several faculties have set up think tanks on how to use ChatGPT in education and how to deal with it in assessments. Those insights will be combined with input from AI experts and learning developers of TU Delft and discussed within the TU Delft teaching community; the Teaching Academy will be instrumental in this. The Working Group Assessment of TU Delft has been asked to propose a set of guidelines for lectures and students on how to deal with the ChatGPT or similar tools during assessments, both formative and summative, before the start of the third quarter (mid-February). Students will be informed as well.