Open Photo Competition 2023

We are proud of TU Delft for leading the way in creating a more sustainable campus, and we certainly love our new cutlery sets and Billie Cups, but do you realise that education can also be reused? It all starts with... sharing! And Open Education Week 2023 is the perfect moment for do so. 

Contribute to We Like Sharing, the amazing repository of highly recyclable, multiple-use images by TU Delft lecturers, student and employees – enter our Open Photo Competition! 

It could not be easier 

To be in with a chance of winning one of four €25 vouchers, submit at least one photograph that captures what 'open' means to you

For more information and to submit your image:  

Deadline: 12 March.

Winners will be contacted in the week beginning 20 March. 

New category 

All submissions will be uploaded to We Like Sharing. The creator of the photograph(s) will be credited as copyright owner, and will choose the permissions they grant others to reuse their images. 

This year, in addition to three picks from our international jury, there is a ‘People’s Choice’  
category that you can vote for.  

Good luck!