Symposium Smart Buildings

'Give brains to buildings' energy systems: Smart Monitoring, Management & Control'

On Friday February the 7th 2020 the symposium took place at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.
It was organized before the inaugural address of Prof. Dr. Laure Itard on that same day. Click here to read the story about here speech "Using hard data to improve sustainability".

A large amount of data is gathered through Building Energy Management Systems. The big challenge is to utilize these data in a smart way to minimize the energy use in buildings and maximize comfort and air quality. This seminar is about exchanging knowledge and views on how Machine Learning (ML) can contribute to this. What are the major research challenges in applying ML in the building sector? Should it be combined with more traditional approaches? And we will discuss what is needed to create mature solutions for large scale deployment of data-driven energy and comfort management.

Click here to view the recordings that were made of the 3 lecturers: Dr. Ruchi Choudhary; Prof. Henrik Madsen and Dr. Stephen Galsworthy.

Via the buttons below you can download the presentations of the plenary and parallel lectures, and find more information about the speakers.

Click here to look back at the inaugural address of professor Laure itard.

An after movie will follow this week